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2019-2020 Fundraisers

Help Support Our Kids!


Fundraisers at Growing Together Behavioral Center are not about keeping the electric bill paid or paying the rent. Instead we use every dollar from fundraisers for direct support of our students.  We add more 1:1 teaching, intensive behavioral support, greater technology, enhanced training, upgrading equipment and best practices into every child’s day.

From improved playground equipment or updated sensory rooms, to fine motor therapy staff training - we believe every dollar of fundraising money is for the children and the betterment of their lives now and in the future! 


Ways YOU can help us grow!

From huge galas to lemonade stands, every fundraiser is important and provides valuable support to our students.  We wanted to provide a simple list of ways you can help support us, and are thankful for your partnership in helping our children become the greatest version of themselves. 

*Facebook Birthday Fundraisers - use your big day to support our school by doing a FB fundraiser!  

*Corporate matching programs - does your company offer a corporate matching program?  If so, we'd love for you to donate through them and ask them to match it!  Many companies do this through Benevity, and we are an approved non-profit!

*Garage sales & lemonade stands -  want a simple way for your family to help support us?  Host a garage sale or lemonade stand and let people know the proceeds will benefit us.  We can provide you with brochures and information to share!  

*Have a passion for party and event planning?  We'd love to partner with you in hosting an event to bring more awareness to our school.