Summer Camp

We NOW have a WAIT LIST for students for summer camp!

NOTE: We are sorry to say our summer camp is full for the 2019 summer.  If you would like to be added to our wait list, please email

Our summer camps are open to all children diagnosed with autism and other developmental disabilities!   Whether or not your child attends Growing Together during the school year, he/she is welcome to apply for summer camp. 

Summer camp at Growing Together is a more relaxed experience for a child, but will still include academics and behavioral therapy to help work toward advancing language, play skills, social skills and more. 

Summer camp activities include:

*art *music *water play *circle time  *games *sports 

*educational and fun field trips

Our summer camp application can be found here.


After School Therapy


After School Social Skills Classes

Is your child enrolled in public school and you want to help him/her in areas the schools don’t address  such as social skills and communication?  Then these after school classes are for you!! ABA classes set in no more than a 5:1 ratio your child will get individualized and group support as we tackle new challenges every month.  Classes are two/three afternoons a week for two hours each day to give your child the extra support he/she needs to achieve their highest level of success! Space is limited!!*

*Insurance may help offset these costs

Private 1:1 ABA Therapy

Does your child need additional individualized support outside their normal school day?  We are here to help you! Not only do we have a part-time school program to help support pre-school and home schooling parents (see: learning & tuition), but we also have after-school ABA clinic that can help you!!  

In clinic, each child is paired with an ABA team and receives 1:1 intensive ABA treatment.  Students may receive as much as 15 hours of intensive after school ABA per week, depending on their unique assessment and with insurance approval. 

Rehab Therapy (PT, OT, SLP)

We know it's hard on families to take children all around town to get the therapies they need.  For this reason we are driven toward finding highly qualified therapists to work with our students on campus.

We are excited to partner with Atlantic Speech, providing speech therapy, occupational and physical therapy, as well as nutrition support. All services will be billed by and through Atlantic Speech, and you should reach out to Atlantic Speech directly if you have an interest in finding out more information about insurance, etc. Atlantic Speech will serve our students on the GTBC campus on a weekly basis. 

We're proud to offer physical therapy on-site through ASP Therapy Services and Dr. Jennifer Quartano.  Dr Quartano is the coordinator for the Pediatric Residency Program at Brooks Rehabilitation, and serves on the APTA as the Vice Chair for the Brain Injury Special Interest Group of the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy and the Florida State Representative for the Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy.

We have contracted with Jacksonville University to provide occupational therapy services through the Brooks Rehabilitation College of Healthcare Sciences Doctor of Occupational Therapy program.  We will have their doctoral therapists on campus for their practicum and internship experiences, working directly with our students and providing assessments, writing occupational therapy plans and providing implementation guidance to our teachers.    

Community partnerships are a critical part of the success of our students, and we are so thankful for the local support we receive!