Our preschool program focuses on language acquisition and preparing students for VPK or kindergarten.  This program is more 1:1 teaching with small groups for art, music, circle time and reading. Students are primarily age 3 - 6 in this program. 

Lower Elementary

Our lower elementary program works from a first grade curriculum, with adjustments made for each student who may work below or above that level.  There is a focus on math, science, reading, circle time, language for learning, and more throughout their very busy day!!  Students are age 6 - 9 in this program. 

Upper Elementary

Our upper elementary program is a very typical classroom setting.  Students have independent work time, along with science, art, cooking, math, writing and reading.  They also spend time learning social skills, life skills, chores and go on fun community outings to gain real life experiences.   Students are age 8 - 11 in this program. 

Middle Grades

Middle grades runs very much like our upper elementary program, with a focus on higher learning academics.  Students are expected to be more independent in their functioning, and are performing reading, writing and math at a higher level. Students are age 10 - 15 in this program. 

FUNctional Class

Our FUNctional class is focused on functional life skills and functional communication.  They are learning independence in their hygiene and dressing, communication, life skills, and in their ability to sit and work with minimal to no support.  Students in this class typically receive half day 1:1 therapy and half day classroom experiences, and are age 9 - 15.

GIFT Vocational

Our new GIFT vocational program is for students age 15 - 22 with focus learning on vocational training.   This is a part day academic, part day hands on vocational training program. Currently this program is being run out of our 6789 Southpoint location and the Hope's Closet in Arlington.