About ABA

Why ABA Therapy

At GTBC we believe every child deserves the opportunity to achieve his/her greatest potential, and we recognize the immense benefits of research based ABA therapy to help our children succeed. ABA therapy simply put is a teaching methodology that allows us to help the children  learn in a comfortable and safe educational environment while spending time focusing on academic, social, communication, self help skills, and more while also working to diminish negative behaviors and reinforce positive ones.  

ABA is research based and data driven, meaning our methodologies are proven and documented, we work based on plans that have worked for others and that we know can work for our students!  We are data driven, meaning we track and assess the benefits of our therapy plans and can provide this data to our families to show how your child's plan is helping him/her succeed.

ABA therapy blends fun and work into a program built on consistency and positive reinforcers specifically chosen based on what your child enjoys most.  Does he/her LOVE time on the iPad?  That can be a positvie reinforcer during the learning process! We also use favorite foods, access to play time outside, time in a sensory room, spending time swinging, etc. 

Want to learn more about ABA therapy and how it can benefit children?  Check out this video below, and the articles and blogs on this page.  Also, feel free to reach out and get in touch with our clinic team - we'd love to show you how ABA can work for your family.  

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

To find out more and read some of the research articles about ABA and how it can benefit children with autism and other developmental disabilities please see the links below. 

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