Our BCBA Supervisory Team

We love the three amazing BCBAs we have on staff, as their varied backgrounds and experiences allow us a wonderful blend of ideas to support the many differing students in our school.  Our BCBAs came to Growing Together with extensive experience in public and private schools, ABA clinics and in-home ABA, with over 35+ years combined experience in language development, behavior extinction, development of social skills and parent training. 

Our most seasoned BCBA has been in the field for nearly two decades, and studied under the leadership of Dr. Carbone who is known for his vast experience teaching verbal behavior to children with autism based upon B.F. Skinner’s analysis of verbal behavior. 

All of our supervisors are required to pursue continuing education and training, and to stay abreast of the BACBs guidelines and requirements for behavioral therapy.

For more about each supervising BCBA, please see below. 

Get To Know Our Supervisors

Noel Flores

Lainey Johnson

Desiree Lawrence