School schedules for children with autism

Our Classes Are Tailored To Meet Your Needs

At Growing Together Behavioral Center we strive to teach in the way each individual child learns, providing unique educational therapeutic plans for every child with autism or other developmental disabilities. This is one of the main reasons we have very small class sizes, ranging from 1:1 to 6:2. The intake assessment for your child will allow us to determine the type of class in which he/she would reach their highest potential. Our school's goal is to help each child become the greatest version of themselves, to continue to grow in social skills, communication, hygiene and life skills and academics! Depending on where a child is developmentally in each of those areas, he/she will be placed in the appropriate classroom. 

To keep our children working on academic standards each year, we write individualized education goals and for some classes we use the Unique Learning System (ULS).  If you want to find out more about ULS, click here.  We are an ABA based school where all of our children are supervised by licensed BCBAs, and all teaching and behavioral therapy is implemented by RBTs and behavior techs.

Class Offerings

Below is the  schedule of classes for the 2019 - 2020 school year. Please note, the schedule can change based on quarterly  assessments and current enrollment numbers throughout the school year.  

PreK 1:1 classes

Kindergarten 2:1 classes

Elementary 6:2 classes

Upper Elementary/Middle 6:2 classes

Additional students in 1:1 classes

There are many ways to offset the cost of tuition! We're here to help!! Call us to find out more.

Special Olympics & Adaptive PE

autism special needs sports special olympics

We are proud to partner with the national Special Olympics program, and provide our students with adaptive physical education on a daily basis.  Children learn the foundation of teamwork, while having fun playing kickball, t-ball, bowling, basketball and more!  All sports are adapted to each unique student's abilities, to allow everyone access to the fun of sports!